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How much money can I save?

There is no way to give you a firm number in dollars, as the number will depend on your specific business’s lighting and energy needs. However, most customers save anywhere from 10%‒50% (or more) on their electricity bill.

What if we already use energy-efficient bulbs?

There are a lot of great bulbs available at your local home improvement store. However, Green Lighting Services, LLC, offers a comprehensive analysis to pinpoint the best ways for you to save.

We also use a number of unique bulbs and lighting options to help you save even more than you could on your own.

Will you need to tear down walls or do any major construction?

Unless you want us to help you during a remodeling project, most of our upgrades and improvements are done through wiring, bulb changes, and lighting control options.

Where are your service areas?

We travel throughout the 50 states.